Foreign Policy and National Security

In our increasingly interconnected world, the foreign policies carried out by the U.S. Government have an impact on all of us - either directly or indirectly. Our country faces a number of serious foreign policy problems – not the least of which is terrorism. I strongly believe that a thoughtful U.S. foreign policy can save countless American lives – and that it can improve our standard of living.

In the 117th Congress, I’m calling for a strong, smart approach to foreign policy by:

  • Pursuing a foreign policy that seeks to bring peace to volatile parts of the globe like the Middle East and Africa and curb the spread of weapons of mass destruction,
  • Supporting humanitarian assistance for desperately poor parts of the world and the victims of war and natural disasters,
  • Promoting democracy and human rights around the world,
  • Continuing to use military force only as a last resort.

A policy of consistently promoting such values will benefit our country substantially in the long run.

The most effective means of achieving these goals are usually diplomatic, not military, and involve the US government working with other countries to achieve our international and national security goals.