I believe that education can change lives and make our country a better place. Education creates productive workers who fuel the economy and improve standards of living for everyone. Education is also the engine that drives the U.S. leadership in research, technology, education, health care, and commerce. At the same time, education enables individuals to grow and change their own circumstance.

That’s why I believe that the federal government should be investing heavily in education at all levels, and for all Americans. No American should be denied a high-quality education as a result of financial need or because of where they grew up.

In the 117th Congress, I am working to ensure access to high-quality education by:

  • Supporting budget proposals which increase funding for public education and student loan programs,
  • Supporting programs which help children from working families to receive a comprehensive education from a young age, including 21st Century Community Learning Centers and Head Start,
  • Opposing vouchers which take funding from public schools to send students to private institutions,
  • Enhancing and fully funding Title I Grants for Local Educational Agencies,
  • Supporting the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Special Olympics,
  • Continuing to offer robust student loan and debt forgiveness programs, including Pell Grants, the Federal TRIO programs, and GREAR UP – and fixing the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program,
  • Supporting Career and Technical Education to ensure students are prepared for employment in high-skill, high-demand jobs that don’t require a four-year college degree.

Pittsburgh is a testament to the power of education to revitalize a community. It is a hub for higher education and knowledge-based industries that are producing significant economic growth, but there are still gaps in educational opportunities that we need to address. I will continue to support education at all ages so that every American can reach their potential.


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