Republican Budget Would Devastate Pittsburgh’s Seniors

October 16, 2012
Press Release

Pittsburgh, PA – Today, U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) released a report on the impact that the budget passed by the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives would have on the older Americans in Pennsylvania’s 14th Congressional District.

“This report shows that the Ryan Republican budget would be devastating for seniors in Pittsburgh,” Congressman Doyle said in releasing the report.  “That’s why I voted against the Ryan budget when it was considered by Congress earlier this year, and why I am fighting hard to oppose Congressional Republicans’ misguided priorities.”   
The report concluded that the budget introduced by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and passed by the House of Representatives in 2012 would hurt seniors by:
  • Eliminating new preventive care benefits for 113,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the district. 
  • Forcing 113,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the district who are currently enrolled in traditional Medicare to pay thousands of dollars more in premiums to remain in traditional Medicare after Medicare becomes a voucher (“premium support”) program. 
  • Reducing coverage for 20,200 Medicare beneficiaries who rely on Medicaid to supplement their Medicare coverage, potentially denying them over $710 million in health benefits. 
  • Jeopardizing nursing home care for 1,600 district residents whose expenses are paid by Medicaid. 
  • Increasing prescription drug costs for 11,400 Medicare beneficiaries in the district who enter the Part D donut hole, forcing them to pay an extra $105 million for drugs over the next decade. 
  • Raising food costs for 12,700 district households with seniors who rely on food stamps by as much as $1,100 per year or eliminate food assistance for many of these households entirely. 
  • Threatening affordable housing programs that provide rental support for 3,300 district households with seniors. 
  • Placing 91,000 district seniors at increased risk of fraud, scams, and elder abuse by cutting as much as $6 billion in funding for federal consumer protection and law enforcement. 
Want to know how hard Paul Ryan’s budget plan would hit future seniors in Pittsburgh?  You can read the whole report here.