Doyle Supports Net Neutrality

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Member Doyle, the Ranking Democratic Member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology released the following statement:   
“I am participating in the Net Neutrality National Day of Action today.  I have been strong advocate for a free and open Internet and I have long fought to put in place rules to protect consumers and small businesses.  These rules are essential to protecting the Internet and the enormous engine of growth and opportunity it has become.  
“More than that, the Internet has become the medium through which we communicate with friends, family, and express ourselves as individuals and citizens of this country.  Net Neutrality is more than an economic issue, it is an issue of our freedom to communicate and express ourselves and our rights under the law to do so.  Many have said that this is the First Amendment right of the 21st Century, and I agree.  
“An Open Internet is essential to fostering innovation, promoting public discourse, protecting small businesses, and preserving consumers’ ability to access online content. 
“The current Net Neutrality rules protect and preserve the Open Internet as a platform for competition, innovation, and free speech. They allow the growth of new and improved internet services and applications that would never get off the ground without a level playing field. These strong, enforceable rules, which have stood up to court challenge, prohibit the blocking or throttling of online content – and they prevent carriers from establishing fast lanes or paid prioritization. 
“The American People have spoken out loud and clear in support of Net Neutrality - more than 6.5 million people have filed comments with the FCC so far this year. They support the current Net Neutrality rules, which protect consumers, small businesses, and edge providers looking to provide innovative and competitive new services. They deserve to have their views respected by the federal government.
“The current Net Neutrality rules preserve a free and open internet, which promotes innovation, competition, greater economic growth, and free speech while protecting consumers and small businesses. I believe the FCC should listen to the millions of Americans who’ve filed comments urging the Commission to preserve its current Open Internet rules.”