Doyle Responds to FCC Vote on Net Neutrality Rules

Washington, DC – Congressman Doyle (D-PA-14) released the following statement in response to the FCC vote today to begin proceedings to dismantle the Obama Administration’s Net Neutrality rule.
“Today, the Trump FCC began a process to dismantle the rules that protect and enable the Internet as we know it.  This action is profoundly anti-competitive, anti-innovation, and anti-consumer.  Already, 2.1 million comments have been filed overwhelming opposing eliminating these rules.  
“Three years ago, 3.7 million people and a broad array of startups, internet companies, and stakeholders called on the FCC to put in place enforceable rules to protect the innovation economy.  They did and those open internet rules have worked.”  
“I am opposed to what the FCC is doing in gutting its net neutrality rules. If you use and enjoy Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, Snap, or so many other innovative services online, you benefit from these rules. I for one enjoy and want an open Internet that gives me a broad range of choices - and promotes new competitive and innovative services - and I will continue to fight to achieve that end.”