Doyle Discussion Draft Would Promote 5G Wireless and Expand Unlicensed Spectrum

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Member Doyle, the Ranking Democratic Member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, released a discussion draft intended to help close the spectrum gap, accelerate the deployment of 5th generation wireless technologies, and increase the availability of unlicensed spectrum. Ranking Member Doyle hopes that this action will facilitate a productive dialogue on this bipartisan issue.
In releasing the document, Ranking Member Doyle said, 
“Wireless broadband is a major driver of our economy, and spectrum is the infrastructure of the 21st Century. This draft bill is intended to benefit consumers, wireless providers, and the stakeholders who use unlicensed wireless technologies.
“Getting additional spectrum on the market will help fuel the growth of technologies that are projected to expand dramatically in the next few years, such as the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and 5G wireless broadband. 
“This spectrum is also key to connecting rural America to the rest of the world – as well as creating faster, cheaper options for underserved areas and populations.  I hope to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, as well as all of the stakeholders, to advance the deployment of broadband in our country - a goal we all share.” 
The discussion draft, the “5G Acceleration Act,” would require federal government agencies to undertake the following actions:
(1) The FCC must auction off 200              (1) The auction must begin by July 1, 2025.
Mhz of new spectrum below 7 Ghz.
   a) NTIA must select 200 Mhz of                 a) The NTIA must identify this spectrum by Jan. 
       spectrum below 7 Ghz for auction.            1, 2023.
   b) Federal users must withdraw                 b) Federal users must begin withdrawing by Jan. 
       from this spectrum.                                    1, 2023.
c) The FCC, in coordination with NTIA,         c) The FCC must submit this plan by Jan. 1, 2024.
    must submit a plan to balance                    
    licensed and unlicensed spectrum
    within the 200 Mhz.
d) The FCC must auction off the 200 Mhz.   d) The FCC must begin this auction by July 1, 2025.
(2) The FCC and the NTIA must submit     (2) The report must be submitted by Jan. 1, 2018.
a report to Congress identifying 300 Mhz
of different spectrum below 7Ghz.
(3) The FCC must issue an NOI on            (3) The FCC must issue this NOI 30 days after 
making spectrum available below 12 Ghz.     passage of the Act.
Click here for a copy of the 5G Acceleration Act.