Doyle Calls for Federal Oversight to Protect Consumers’ Personal Data

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) released the following statement today after participating in a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing in which he questioned Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg about recent disclosures relating to Cambridge Analytica.
“Recent revelations about Cambridge Analytica’s illicit acquisition of data about millions of Facebook users have raised many troubling questions about the safety and security of our online data - and the steps that online companies like Facebook are taking to safeguard that information.
“While Cambridge Analytica acted in ways that violated Facebook’s developer policies, Facebook itself was lax in enforcing these polices. Facebook has admitted that an untold number of user profiles from Facebook have been stolen and potentially sold by developers that operated Facebook applications.   

“I appreciate the actions taken by Facebook to correct these mistakes and guard against this type of disclosure in the future, but this latest episode highlights the long history of poor judgement at Facebook when it comes to users’ personal information. Facebook has consistently prioritized its growth over its responsibilities to its users.
“While I’m pleased to see that Facebook has proposed new protections for its users in the United States, the EU, and around the globe, I remain concerned that the current U.S. regulatory structure is not sufficient.

“The American people deserve better. We need to be able to assure them they have control of their data - and that their data is safe and secure. To achieve this, as Mr. Zuckerberg said, new regulations will be necessary. 

“That is why I think that new legislation to protect Americans’ privacy and personal data is needed. Until the federal government makes a major new commitment to protecting consumers’ privacy and personal data, no American can be sure that their personal information is safe or their privacy is assured.”

Click here to watch video of Congressman Doyle questioning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.