Congressman Doyle Votes to End Shutdown

Jan 22, 2018 Issues: Budget
Washington, DC – January 22, 2018 – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) released the following statement today after voting in favor of H.R.195, legislation funding the operations of the federal government through February 8.
“In September, every House Democrat voted for the Continuing Resolution giving the President and the Congressional Leadership 90 days to agree on 2018 funding for the federal government. 

“Since then, Congress has approved three more CRs. 

“Today’s vote ends the shutdown and extends funding for the federal government through February 8, providing another three weeks for Congress and the White House to come up with spending levels for the rest of the year.    

“Congressional Republicans have made a commitment to hold votes on a number of key issues, that they have so far refused to consider.

“I think Democrats are right to be skeptical – the GOP leaders have made promises they haven’t kept – but we’ll take our colleagues at their word one more time. 

“We expect the Speaker to give us votes on issues critical to the country, which have historically been bipartisan priorities:
government spending plan that better balances domestic priorities with defense spending 
full funding for Community Health Centers
providing the necessary Disaster Relief to our fellow citizens in regions hit hard by hurricanes, floods, and fires
And fixing DACA to protect Dreamers; there are at least 3 different proposals for dealing with the Dreamers, and I think the House should have an up-or-down vote on each one. 

“We will hold Congressional Republicans to their promises.

“Moreover, Members of Congress have a responsibility to take a stand – a publicly recorded vote – on each of these issues. Only then will the American People be able to see who’s playing straight with them – and who’s not."