Congressman Doyle Opposes Privatization of Air Traffic Control Operations

August 11, 2003
Press Release

Representative Mike Doyle (PA-14) issued a statement today in which he opposed legislation to privatize part or all of the United States' air traffic control system.

“Most Americans want their country’s air traffic controllers to focus on one thing and one thing only - safety,” Congressman Doyle said today. “Consequently, we don’t want air traffic control operations in the United States run by someone who is focusing on cutting costs so that they can make as much money as possible.”

The Bush Administration has proposed contracting out air traffic control operations at a number of airports around the country. Legislation to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration, which operates the nation’s air traffic control system, is currently being considered by Congress. The Bush Administration has threatened to veto this bill if it doesn’t contain language allowing it to carry out this privatization effort.

“Privatization of air traffic control operations is simply incompatible with ensuring the highest possible safety for the traveling public,” Doyle observed. “Privatization efforts have turned out poorly where they have been tried in Canada and the U.K. And yet the White House has threatened to veto the FAA reauthorization bill unless Congress goes along with its plans to privatize air traffic control operations around the country. I will oppose the Administration’s efforts to privatize air traffic control operations in the United States.”