Congressman Doyle, Mayor Peduto, and Council President Kraus Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence

Jun 29, 2016 Issues: Gun Violence, Local Issues
Pittsburgh, PA – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) joined Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and City Council President Bruce Kraus today to call for universal background checks for gun purchases and a ban on the sale of firearms to suspected terrorists.
They joined local victims of gun violence and representatives from gun safety groups on the steps of the City-County Building to mark the National Day of Action for Commonsense Gun Violence Prevention. 
Democratic Members of Congress, victims of gun violence and their families, and advocates for gun violence prevention across the country are holding dozens of events nation-wide today to demand Congress act on commonsense legislation to prevent gun violence.  
“After every mass shooting, the House Republican Leadership calls for a moment of silence – but does nothing to address the epidemic of gun violence that’s killing tens of thousands of Americans every year,” Congressman Doyle observed recently. “Democratic Members of Congress have tried every conventional approach in recent years to get the House Republican Leadership to allow votes on these bills – all to no effect”
The National Day of Action for Commonsense Gun Violence Prevention comes after House Democrats sat-in for 26 hours on the House Floor last week to demand that Speaker Ryan and House Republicans allow an immediate vote on bipartisan, commonsense gun violence prevention legislation to help keep guns out of dangerous hands.
“After the Orlando shooting, we decided that the time had finally come to draw a line in the sand and put the Republicans on notice that we aren’t going to allow business as usual until they give us a vote,” Congressman Doyle added. “I helped organize a sit-in on the House Floor on June 22 in which more than 100 House Democrats refused to allow business as usual until Speaker Ryan allowed a vote on legislation requiring universal background checks and prohibiting gun sales to suspected terrorists”
Doyle and the other House Democrats wanted votes in the House on two bipartisan bills:
HR 1217, legislation to expand and strengthen our background check system;
HR 1076, the ‘No Fly, No Buy’ bill to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists.  House Republicans have voted 14 times to block consideration of the bipartisan ‘No Fly, No Buy’ bill.   
Instead, Republican Leaders adjourned the House early for the Fourth of July Congressional recess, leaving Washington DC without allowing any votes on these bipartisan gun violence prevention bills.

“Republicans in Congress aren’t going to allow a vote on gun violence legislation until the people who elect them demand it", Congressman Doyle said. “If your Representative or Senators oppose commonsense gun violence prevention legislation, they need to hear from you. You need to call them on the phone and say ‘we want a vote on universal background checks and No-Fly-No-Buy.’”

Speakers at the National Day of Action for Commonsense Gun Violence Prevention event included the Reverend Reverend Glenn G. Grayson, pastor of Wesley Center A.M.E. Zion Church;  Daylan Stubblefield, a local survivor of gun violence; Shanon Williams, CeaseFirePA Campaign Coordinator; and Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
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