Congressman Doyle Lambasts Today’s FCC Decisions

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-14) issued the following statement in response to a number of actions taken earlier today during the Federal Communications Commission’s November meeting. 
“Chairman Pai has once again jammed a profoundly anti-consumer agenda through the FCC.
“In gutting the FCC’s media ownership rules, the Commission has recklessly promoted the unhealthy consolidation of media ownership and continued paving the way for the Sinclair merger.
“In addition, the Commission kneecapped the Lifeline program, which could well take low-income phone and internet access away from children, veterans, and the disabled.
“The Commission also dumped a risky new broadcast TV standard on the American people. The new standard won’t work on today’s televisions – and could leave consumers without any access to broadcast TV. 
“Each of these decisions is terrible in its own right, but they are all part of the Chairman’s radical anti-consumer, anti-competitive agenda.”