Pennsylvania's 14the Congressional district currently has a population of 584,493, reflecting a loss in population of nearly 10 percent from the 2000 census.  This number will change soon when Pennsylvania's congressional district boundaries are redrawn to reflect the population changes in the Commonwealth and the country over the last 10 years.

The median age of the 14th District's residents is 38.5 years old.  18.7 percent of the District's population is under 18 years of age, and 16.3 percent is over age 65.

Residents of the 14th District are 68 percent White, 24 percent Black, 3 percent Asian, and less than 1 percent Hispanic and Native American.

89 percent of adults in the District are high school graduates, 27 percent have college degrees, and 12 percent hold graduate degrees.

The median income is $36,864, and the median home value is $84,100.