Congressmen Doyle & Latta Introduce Bill to Make Federal Use of Nation’s Airwaves More Efficient

September 24, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC – U.S. Representatives Mike Doyle (PA-18) and Bob Latta (OH-5) announced today that they have introduced a bill to promote more efficient sharing of the radio-magnetic spectrum that is assigned for federal use.

This legislation, the Studying How to Harness Airwave Resources Efficiently (SHARE) Act, H.R. 4462, would direct the National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA), in consultation with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to establish a research and development program to explore new ways for multiple federal entities to share the spectrum that has been assigned to them. It also authorizes $50 million for the spectrum sharing research and development program.

“I’m glad today to introduce this legislation with my friend Ranking Member Bob Latta (OH-05). This bill will assist the federal government in adopting new techniques and technologies to more effectively use the spectrum it possesses.” Congressman Doyle observed. “We need to ensure that the federal government uses its spectrum in the most efficient way possible. My hope is that this legislation can help the federal government be more a better steward of this precious and limited resource and in so doing facilitate more spectrum for future innovative technologies and increased commercial use. The SHARE Act would explore the potential for reducing the amount of spectrum the federal government will need.”

“Spectrum is a valuable, limited resource that is widely used for countless federal and commercial purposes – from completing critical defense missions to building a 5G network to connecting to Wi-Fi.” Congressman Latta said. “The SHARE Act recognizes that we need to harness the full potential of federally-held spectrum by having the appropriate entities explore ways to efficiently share this important asset.  I appreciate my friend from Pennsylvania for working with me on this legislation and I look forward to seeing its results.”

Tim McKone, AT&T Executive Vice President of Federal Relations, shared the following statement regarding the SHARE Act: “AT&T commends Representatives Doyle and Latta for recognizing the critical need to free up spectrum for commercial use. Spectrum is the lifeblood of the wireless industry and an essential component to the U.S. maintaining its lead in the race to 5G. The SHARE Act lays out a path to potentially allow for the sharing of covered electromagnetic spectrum among federal entities, with the end goal being to also allow for commercial use of the spectrum. We appreciate all efforts to open up more spectrum, including on a shared basis. As this legislation moves forward, it’s important that the frequency coordination efforts between NTIA and the FCC, that enable successful sharing of spectrum, remain a viable component.”

The Open Technology Institute released the following reaction to the introduction of the SHARE Act: “The Open Technology Institute strongly supports the SHARE Act’s focus on promoting more efficient Federal spectrum sharing. This month the FCC launched its innovative new Citizens Broadband Radio Service. CBRS uses database and sensing technologies to protect U.S. Navy radar from interference while allowing internet service providers to share this valuable mid-band spectrum for 5G, rural broadband and other services. The SHARE Act encourages an expansion of this promising path to share underutilized Federal spectrum to fuel higher quality and more affordable wireless connectivity for all Americans.”

Verizon Senior Vice President Robert Fisher praised Communications & Technology Subcommittee Chair Mike Doyle (PA 18) and Ranking Member Bob Latta (OH 5) on the introduction of the bi-partisan SHARE Act: "It's important for the United States to use it's precious spectrum efficiently and the study authorized by Representatives Doyle's and Latta's bill will go a long way to ensure that happens.  Verizon looks forward to working with them both as the bill moves through the House."

CTIA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Kelly Cole. provided the following statement: “CTIA applauds Congressmen Doyle and Latta for introducing the Studying How to Harness Airwaves Resources Efficiently Act of 2019 (SHARE Act). By clarifying that NTIA continues to be the appropriate agency to facilitate coordination between federal spectrum holders, the bill reconfirms the U.S.’s longstanding process for managing and sharing federal spectrum assets is the right one.”

Phillip Berenbroick of Public Knowledge issued the following statement about the SHARE Act: “The SHARE Act is an important step forward in furthering U.S. leadership in innovative uses of wireless spectrum. Spectrum sharing -- between and among federal, licensed, and unlicensed users -- is becoming the norm. The SHARE Act directs the NTIA and the FCC to research and develop techniques and technologies to enhance efficient and shared uses of the airwaves by federal agencies. The bill also instructs the NTIA and the FCC to build on the progress both agencies have made in sharing spectrum among federal, licensed, and unlicensed users in the CBRS Band. These investments in promoting and enhancing spectrum sharing will have far-reaching public interest benefits, and Public Knowledge is proud to support the SHARE Act.” 

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