Congressman Doyle Votes for Impeachment Bill Setting Ground Rules for Inquiry Going Forward

October 31, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (PA-18) announced that he had voted earlier today for H.Res. 660, legislation laying out the process for the next stage of the impeachment inquiry into allegations of wrongdoing by President Trump.

“The impeachment inquiry so far has uncovered substantial evidence that the President abused the power of his office, undermined our democracy, and endangered our national security,” Congressman Doyle said. “I voted in favor of the resolution establishing ground rules for the next stages of the impeachment inquiry. I believe my Constitutional duty requires nothing less.”

H.Res. 660 establishes procedures for the House committees investigating President Trump as they continue the ongoing impeachment inquiry. The resolution contains provisions to ensure transparency, enable effective public hearings, and provide due process protections for the President.

Click here for the text of H.Res. 660.

Click here for the report accompanying H.Res. 660.

The House Rules Committee fact sheet on H.Res. 660 is available here

A chart prepared by the House Judiciary Committee highlighting presidential protections provided in modern impeachment inquiries is available here

A “frequently asked questions” fact sheet prepared by the House Judiciary Committee is available here