Congressman Doyle Announces he will retire at the end of his current term in the U.S. House of Representatives

October 18, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON DC – U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA-18) announced today that he would retire at the end of his current term, and that he would not run for re-election next year. His full statement follows below.

Good afternoon, and thank you for coming.

Almost 27 years ago, Pittsburghers chose me to be their voice in Washington, DC.  It was an honor and privilege I never thought possible growing up in a blue-collar family in Swissvale, the son of a steelworker, but in America all things are possible.

I promised that I would be a voice for families like mine and fight hard to make sure their concerns, their hopes, and their dreams were addressed in Washington, DC.  Since that time, I have worked hard to honor that promise by keeping Pittsburgh and its families first and foremost in my mind when I cast my votes in Congress. 

I stood by the people of Pittsburgh and they stood by me, sending me back to represent them 13 additional terms, and I have no doubt they would do it again if today I was announcing my intention to seek re-election in 2022.  

But I believe the time has come to pass the torch to the next generation, so I’ve called you here today to announce that I will not be a candidate for Congress in 2022 and plan to retire at the end of my current term.  This was not an easy decision and I spent most of this year going back and forth over whether to seek a fifteenth term, but I came to this conclusion for a number of reasons.

First and most importantly, my wife and I have discussed how we want to spend our retirement together now that our family is grown and on their own, and I think the pandemic has accelerated those plans. 

Second, the redistricting will change this district and most likely push part of it outside Allegheny County.  This is a good transition time for a new Member to start in a newly drawn district.

Third, the district deserves to hear from a robust field of candidates, and I want to make sure potential candidates have enough time to fundraise and put their platform in front of the voters.  There are many people who might not consider running if they thought I was going to run, so I want to give them the time and opportunity to do so. 

And finally, with no incumbents running in the current 17th & 18th Districts, there is an opportunity to look at the Congressional map in Allegheny County with fresh eyes, hopefully preserving two Democratic seats.  

It is my goal to “run through the finish line” as I still have 14 months left on my term.  I will be in Washington, DC, tomorrow pushing to get the infrastructure bill and our “Build Back Better” plan passed because the people I am privileged to represent will benefit greatly from their passage.

There will be time to discuss accomplishments and what still needs to be done, but for now, I want to acknowledge my staff, the many wonderful and talented people who have served our district here in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, over the last 27 years, two of whom have served with me from the first day: my Chief-of-Staff David Lucas and my District Director, Paul D’Alesandro. Many others have been with me a long time and many have gone on to bigger and better things, but I appreciate and value each and every one of them.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with our State, County, and Local elected officials, our academic institutions, non-profits, foundations, business, labor and the Democratic Party with the goal of making Pittsburgh a place where our kids and grandkids can find opportunity and raise their families.

I want to thank my family and friends who always stood by me, but no one more so than my best friend in the world, my wife Susan.  There were many times when I was an absentee husband and father during my career, but my wife Susan always supported and encouraged me. I am a very lucky man to have had her by my side these last 46 years. We are proud of our four children and their accomplishments and glad that all of them have chosen to live in the Pittsburgh region.

Finally, I want to thank the people of Pittsburgh, the best people in the world, for giving me the opportunity to serve you in Congress over these many years.  It’s truly been a joy as well as an honor and a privilege to have the chance to serve this community, which I love from the bottom of my heart, in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Thank you, Pittsburgh.