In Washington DC 2005


September 15, 2005 - Congressman Doyle meets with Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and other Members of the House of Representatives involved in Congressional efforts to bring peace to Northern Ireland. At the meeting, they discussed the status of the Irish Republican Army's disarmament process and the next steps needed to move the peace process forward. Congressman Doyle is a member of the Congressional Ad Hoc Committee on Irish Affairs and the Friends of Ireland, and has been active throughout his service in Congress in U.S. efforts to end the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.



September 13, 2005 - Congressman Doyle congratulates Jacqueline Wilson, Executive Director of the Three Rivers Adoption Council, on her selection to receive a 2005 Angels in Adoption Award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Ms. Wilson received this award for her work at the Three Rivers Adoption Council and her advocacy efforts on behalf of children in need of safe and nurturing homes.