Sudanese Human Rights Activist Freed

On May 22, 2012, Hawa Abdullah Salih, a Sudanese human rights activist, met with Congressman Doyle, David Rosenberg of the Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition, and Pittsburgh City Council Member Bill Peduto to thank them for helping to secure her release from prison.  Hawa Abdullah Salih was imprisoned and tortured by the Sudanese government last year because of her efforts to raise awareness of the government's human rights abuses.  Congressman Doyle and Councilman Peduto both wrote letters calling on the State Department to make securing her release a top priority.  She was released after two months of brutal treatment.  In March 2012, she was presented with the International Women of Courage Award by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  (from left to right, Hawa Abdullah Salih, Congressman Doyle, David Rosenberg, Bill Peduto)