Reducing Gun Violence

With the relentless frequency of mass shootings, the issue of gun violence is a constant issue in national debate. Learn more about my position on this issue.
Reducing Gun Violence

The Opioid Epidemic

Tens of thousands of Americans are dying every year from opioid drug overdoses. Congress needs to take strong action to stop this tragic loss of life, as well as the broader damage drug addiction is inflicting on our communities.
photo of hydrocodone pills - opioid drugs

Restoring Net Neutrality

On April 10, the US House of Representatives approved my bill to restore Net Neutrality. For more information about the Save the Internet Act, click on the link below.
Restoring Net Neutrality feature image

For The People

Help is on the way for the Americans who are playing by the rules but still struggling to make ends meet. House Democrats are working to provide a better deal For The People.
For The People feature image